"Assomption church" of Cordon

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Probably one of the most beautiful baroque church of Haute-Savoie with its architectural qualities, and a panorama of exception on Mont Blanc. The Restoration in 2011, classified as "Historic Monument" in 2004.
Fabulous baroque decoration. The Church Notre-Dame of the Assumption was set up from 1781 till 1787. Its silhouette, well-balanced and strong is refined, by a bell tower with bulb in lanternon openwork of twin bays basing on median small columns. The last fire of 1973 was important and required the intervention of the "Historic monuments" which classified the building in 1974 and financed its reconstruction. Outside, very sober, lets presume nothing the headlines magnificent baroque decoration. The baroque wants to amaze and to dazzle and it arrives by effect of light and movement there. The furniture, the paints, the architecture owe arouse a very strong feeling of beauty, while suggesting that this ground beauty is only illusion in front of the real beauty of the divine world. The gilt, the gold leaf, the sculptured wood, the polychromy, rNothing is too beautiful to assert its faith. Paints, statues of our church tell us all the history of the Christianity and allow in a few moments to relive (it), more particularly the history of the Virgin


Free access.
74700, Cordon
Throughout the year : open daily from 9 AM to 6 PM.